DOI: 10.18503/2309-7434-2020-2(16)-38-43



DARIA MOKRENKO, Ing., Ph.D. student, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical university of Kosice, Slovak Republic

MARIA KOZLOVSKA, Professor, Ing., Ph.D., Head of the Department of Technology, Economy and Management in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical university of Kosice, Slovak Republic

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to highlight some innovations in the construction industry. Successful construction, profitable in the modern world is impossible without innovation. They can be divided into innovations in building materials and products, and innovations in building technologies. Currently, construction is moving away from traditional materials and technologies in favor of more environmentally friendly, economical and high-quality materials and technologies. Thus, innovative materials are the basis of fast and efficient construction, which in turn is impossible without advanced technologies.

Key words: innovative material, innovative technology, straw-bale construction, transparent wood, smart brick, 3D printing.


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