About the Journal

The Magazine “Architecture. Construction. Education” was founded in 2014 on the basis of collections of works that were published during the work of the architecture and construction faculty (since 2013 – Institute of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Art).

The journal publishes scientific papers under the following headings:

  • theoretical and methodological foundations of architecture and construction;
  • architecture and urban planning in the formation of the modern environment of life;
  • the revival of historical and cultural heritage;
  • social, economic and environmental problems in urban planning;
  • architectural law;
  • normative-legal base of architectural and design activities;
  • development of information technologies in construction and architecture;
  • roads: construction and operation;
  • modern forms and methods of technology and organization of construction;
  • reconstruction of buildings and structures;
  • computer technologies in architecture and construction;
  • architectural and design problems of urban environment formation;
  • design in modern architectural environment;
  • building structures, bases and foundations;
  • construction materials, products and constructions;
  • the basic problems of water, heat supply and energy saving;
  • scientific and technical achievements in the field of environmental protection and safety;
  • pedagogical methods and models of teaching students in architecture and civil engineering;
  • psychological-pedagogical problems of preparation of qualified personnel for design and construction organizations.